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Genre: EBMIndustrialDJ: SteveDate: 03/01/2002Set time: 23:00-24:00

Apothesis - O foartana (killingnine mix)

Apoptygma Bezerk - Love never Dies (killingnine mix)

Mesh - Trust You

Re/Work - To Our Remains (killing nine mix)

Absurd Minds - Deception (e-craft mix)

Beborn Beton - Mantrap (the seduction)

Shining - My Hollywood (aquatic trance)

Galan Pixs - Use The Flashlight / mixed with:
Project Pitchfork - Existance (vnv nation mix)

Theatre of Tragedy - Lorelei (killingnine mix)

Fictional - Opportunities

Spock - Speed of Light

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