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All the setlists from 15/05/2003

Genre: EBMIndustrial DJ: Christopher Set time: 20:00-21:10
Doubting Thomas - Father Don't Cry (Ext)

Die Krupps vs Nitzer Ebb - Machineries Of Joy

Klinik - Touch

X Marks The Pedwalk - Abattoir

Heavy Water Factory - Vampire

Sadavoja - Come For Once

Pzycho Bitch - Wake Up (SITD mix)

Spektralized - Stop & Rewind

Assemblage 23 - Document (IOC)

Interlace - Under The Sky (Club mix)

VNV Nation - Electronaut

Galaxee - Lullaby

Massiv in Mensche - Mein Erstes Bonbon
Genre: Goth DJ: Dave Set time: 21:10-22:10
The Way Of All Flesh - Final Resolve

Womb - Cyan Circles Revolving

Belisha - People Of The Dark

Whispers In the Shadow - Permanent Illusion

Puressence - Fifteen Years

Passion Play - A Crystal Life

The Chameleons - Time

Dead Can Dance - Cantara (Live)

Hagalaz' Runedance - Frigga's Web

Wench - Chant

The God Machine - The Desert Song

Corpus Delicti - Firelight

The Cure - The Figurehead

Joy Division - Means To An End

Genre: EBMIndustrial DJ: Christopher Set time: 22:10-23:00
Spektralised - Breaking Point

Covenant - Stalker

Male Or Female - V-State

Apoptygma Berzerk - Electronic Warfare (Full Speed Ahead mix)

Epsilon Minus - Power Down (MiM mix)

Project Pitchfork - Steelrose (APB)

XPQ-21 - Silent Words

Seabound - Day of The Century

Fisherspooner - Fucker

Haujobb - Course
Genre: Goth DJ: Dave Set time: 23:00-24:00
The Creatures - Exterminating Angel

Cranes - One From The Slum

Xmal Deutschland - Mondlicht

Bauhaus - Slice Of Life

The Bolshoi - Looking For A Life To Lose

Screaming Banshee Aircrew - Titanic Verses

New Days Delay - Tiny Monsters

Avaritia - And Here They Are Again

All About Eve - Every Angel

Dreadful Shadows - Burning The Shrouds

Descendants Of Cain - The Ceremony

Eden - Hymns And Mist

Fields Of The Nephilim - Love Under Will

(excerpt from) Arcana - ...The Last Embrace

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