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All the setlists from 20/03/2003

Genre: EBMIndustrial DJ: Christopher Set time: 20:00-21:00
Madonna - Music (Dismantled Mix)

Dismantled - Survivor

Frontline Assembly - Insolence

Mnemonic - Luce

Skinny Puppy - Poison Mouth

Ohgr - Kettle

Pzycho Bitch - Wake Up (SITD)

XPQ-21 - White And Alive

SVD - Big Bad City (NY Mix)

Massiv In Mensch - Massiv In Mensch

Epsilon Minus - Through
Genre: Goth DJ: Dave Set time: 21:00-22:00
Excession - Desire

Ikon - King Of Terror

The Order Of Azrael - (One Small Act Of) Defiance

Dream Disciples - Pray

Passion Play - A Crystal Life

Avaritia - And Here They Are Again

Xmal Deutschland - Mondlicht

Skeletal Family - Ritual

Creatures - Gecko

Unto Ashes - Teach Me How To Drown

Corpus Delicti - Sylphes

Dead Can Dance - The Fatal Impact

Joy Division - Atrocity Exhibition

Pink Turns Blue - Michelle

The Horatii - Body Of The Fish
Genre: EBMIndustrial DJ: Christopher Set time: 22:00-23:00
Stochastic Theory - WHat You Weren't (Echo Virus)

Deathboy - Change (Apocalypse Remix)

C No Image - Skulk

Assemblage 23 - Document (10c)

Cut Rate Box - Zionsank (A23)

Haujobb - Course

Nebula H - Inhibition (Aiboforcen)

Ivory Frequency - Today

Suicide Commando - Hellraiser (Remix)

Siechtun - Kontrolle

:Wumpscut: - Ain't It Mad Yet
Genre: Goth DJ: Dave Set time: 23:00-24:00
Belisha - Agnostic Jihad

The Way Of All Flesh - Final Resolve

Dream Disciples - Cobalt (Blue)

Ikon - Shadowplay

Dance On Glass - Charlotte Sometimes

Puressence - Fifteen Years

The Breath Of Life - Nightmare

The Shroud - Vision

Cranes - Thursday

The Cure - The Funeral Party

The Chameleons - Less Than Human

The God Machine - The Desert Song

The Mission - Raising Cain

The Sisters Of Mercy - Nine While Nine

Bauhaus - Silent Hedges

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